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First Aid Courses.

Specialists in first aid training for remote areas.

Learn why things are done, not just 'monkey see, monkey do'

Outcomes not methods - improvise.

Outcome driven, not equipment driven. Learn to improvise.


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Course fees include course registration, tuition, course handbook, use of equipment, disposable gloves and face shields, exam and certificates.



Private courses for organisations and groups.

Mediact can run first aid or AED courses at your own location, anywhere in the UK or Europe,

for up to 12 people per group. Prices do not include travel or accommodation where required.

....One day basic course, Emergency first aid at work or refresher £350

....2 day emergency course. (16 hour) Adult suitable for NGB awards. £700

The REC two day course is the basic qualification for outdoor instructors and remote workers.

....2 day Paediatric (12 hour) covering national child carer requirements £600

....2 day REC advanced course, £1000

....3 day (18 hour) HSE FAW course with exam, £1050

....AED (4 hour) course, (up to 6 students) £240


We are not currently planning any public courses, but private courses sometimes have spare places available. Phone or e-mail for details. Spaces currently available 14-16 May near Hungerford, Wilts.

Overseas courses will incur additional costs.


Levels of Courses.

REC Level One. Basic. (6-8 hour) Covers the first response skills of a system approach, based on the ABC of casualty management. Appropriate for a person who may be first on the scene when no fully qualified first aider is present but help is nearby.

REC Level 2. Emergency. (16 hour) Suitable for most National Governing Body qualifications. (BMC, BELA, CSLA, BCU, RYA etc) Covers the main areas of first aid, and extends the basics to cover procedure when away from the urban setting where an ambulance may not be immediately available. No previous first aid training required.

REC Level 3. Standard. Covers little more than the emergency course but includes the paperwork and recording procedures required by the HSE for the First Aid at Work certificate. Also has a formal practical exam and written test. No real benefit over the level 2 unless required by employer to meet H&SE regulations, but shorter class time each day.

The HSE require the employer to do a risk assessment on the workplace, and decide whether they require staff to hold a full 3 day FAW certificate, or if staff holding a one day Emergency FAW certificate is sufficient. This choice depends on factors such as levels of risk, number of staff and history of accidents.

REC Level 4. Advanced. Course content may vary depending on the client group, but topics such as extended evacuation, spinal management with collars, backboard and stretcher use, advanced airway management using artificial airways, suction, simple fracture immobilisation. Suitable for those who are going to remote foreign areas where there is possibly no immediate medical help, and evacuation may be protracted. The advanced level course is most suitable the first aider who has medical direction or is acting as a medic assist. Student must hold a current first aid certificate level 2 or equivalent minimum.

Specialist equipment training for rescue workers can be arranged.

AED Automatic External Defibrillator user course. Following the European and UK resuscitation council guidelines, teaching the use of AEDs and their place as a component in the 'Chain of Life'.

Paediatric courses. 12 hour course following the 2008 EYFS guidelines.


Mediact courses are open to anyone who can fully demonstrate competence to the set standards, regardless of age, sex, or physical limitations. People who for some physical reason can not demonstrate the full range of skills may not be able to pass the certificate test for competency, but are still welcome to attend and participate as far as they are able.

If you have concerns about specific factors within courses, contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs, so that you can concentrate on the learning of the skills required, not unnecessary side issues.

Mediact Ltd carries civil liability insurance. Delegates personal insurance and own venue insurance is the responsibility of the delegates or contracting organisation.

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