Mediact first aid


Useless facts and figures from medical and first aid sites.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy or current validity of them all, but they are interesting.

Data figures from late 2000-2010


In 2003, 2,500,000,000 paracetamol tablets were sold over the counter in the UK.

Paracetamol poisoning accounted for 51% of the liver disease in the US in 2003. Aprox half of the cases were accidental. 12-15 Paracetamol tablets can kill an adult.

The left testicle hangs lower than the right in 85% of men.

There have been more babies born in the 10 years after the world population conference in 1992, as there were people alive on the planet 2000 years ago.

Hepatitis C is 4000 times more infectious than HIV. Hep B can be found in sweat.

Around the world, about 1600 people are infected with HIV-AIDS every day.

Around the world, 50 people a day are blown up by land mines.

Medical research is the victim of fashion. In the UK there was 100 times more research money spent on AIDS than on Prostate cancer last year, but 100 times more men died from Prostate cancer than from AIDS.

On average in the USA, a murder is committed every 20 minutes. Every 15 minutes someone commits suicide, and every minute someone attempts suicide. Every 3 minutes, someone has a heart attack.

The mosquito is the most dangerous animal in the world. 3000 people die each day from Malaria. World wide, 515 million people are infected.

15% of the UK NHS budget is spent on treating sufferers from Diabetes and its related complications.

The NHS spend over £90m a year on teast strips for diabetes testing.

Properly performed, CPR delivers less than 30% of the hearts normal flow of oxygenated blood to the brain.

Fewer than 5% of the 700 a day (out of hospital) cardiac arrest sufferers in the US survive to hospital discharge. If a victim of cardiac arrest is given good CPR, gets shocked by a defibrillator within 4 minutes, and drugs/heart surgery as appropriate within 90 minutes, the chance of survival goes to better than 60%.

In 2008-9 in the UK, 2500 people died in traffic accidents, 3000 died from hypothermia and cold related problems, mostly in their own home. Up to 90% of elderly people suffer some level of post operative hypothermia in hospital.

More than half the people who have ever lived on Earth died from insect bourne disease.

Early Egyptians experimented transfering blood form one person to another. In 1631 Dr Richard Lower, a friend of Sir Christopher Wren, performed experiments on dogs to develop the technique of blood transfusion. An American Dr Charles Drew developed the idea of blood banks. Legend says that he ironically died after a car crash when he was taken to a 'whites only' hospital and was refused blood because he was coloured. In fact he died of multiple internal injuries, despite the best efforts of other attending doctors who were friends of his.



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